We're Going Through Changes

  Considering in the last twelve months, we've lived in a Covid, post-Covid, and Covid again world. It feels as if change is the only thing that is constant in this time. We were one of the fortunate businesses to thrive during the Covid season, having opened right in the thick of it. During Covid, the overwhelming majority of businesses were forced to pivot and change how they operated to survive and adapt. For some, it worked and for some, it did not. 

  In the post-Covid world, we woke up to the realization that a lot of the workforce that was lost across the world was not returning and not just in our industry. Restaurants all over experienced staffing shortages, their food and beverage vendors as well, affecting the supply chain. It has since become harder and more expensive to source a lot of the things that we use on our menu and we know that we're not the only ones. 

  So, what does one do when the post-Covid hiring/supply issues collide in the Delta era?  

  Adapt and adapt quickly. 

  Effective Wednesday, we're changing things up. We'll be moving from a full-service restaurant to a counter-service restaurant. This allows us the opportunity to still serve the same amount of faces, if not more, in a concise and effective manner. This while still meeting the needs of our current staff and guests without overwhelming our exhausted kitchen. 

  Our menu is going to go through a considerable change. For a few moments, it's going to be a lot shorter than it was. This allows us the time to adapt to the new changes as we evolve and ensures the kitchen has the time to build out a more permanent menu. Gone will be some of your favorites and ours too. Like a lot of restaurants, the cost of food has gone up and in some cases, become really scarce. If we can't resource the quality items we need to operate our business, then we don't want it. We could elect to do frozen, but our kitchen is from scratch. Frozen doesn't compare to fresh. 

  The new for now menu will still reflect the pub grub vibe that you're used to. We'll still make everything from scratch daily. We'll have a mix of healthy and not-so-healthy items to pair perfectly with your favorite beer or cocktail. 

  How it will work is instead of coming in, activating your tab card, sitting down, and waiting for a server to come to you to place your order, you will come in, activate your card, place your order at the counter. You'll then receive a buzzer, pick your own place to sit. When the buzzer goes off, your food is ready for you to grab and enjoy. 

  Think Panera with a lot of alcohol. 

  Also, during the Fall Cornhole ATL season, we will be open on Monday for dinner, we will be open from 5p-10p. Once the season ends in October, we will close on Mondays so that our team can rest up, or we can do more team-building with our favorite people. 

  This helps with our staffing needs. It helps improve your experience while easing up on some of the confusion some of you have experienced a time or two. It also allows us to properly pace the kitchen to better serve your needs. 

  The beer wall still is the same. The bar still operates the same. We're just going to be operating a little differently. We're sure you've heard the term 'pardon our dust' a time or two. Pardon ours during this. It's going to take a few for you to get used to it, us too. But we're looking forward to bringing something different to Acworth again. 

  Your friends are still here, we're just going through changes.

  Let's do this together.