A Little Giving Goes A Long Way

  It's that time of year where hearts usually grow a few sizes bigger than the previous ten or eleven months and thoughts turn to those around us that might not have the things that we might take for granted. We know we do. When the brisk, cool air of winter hits, we pull those blankets up a little closer to our chins and we realize that some around us might not be that fortunate. Like other businesses and organizations, we want to change that as much as we can. Only for us, we're looking at the next twelve months rather than the month ahead. 

  In 2022 we plan to work closely within our community in areas that speak to us. We're exploring a lot of avenues that you might not otherwise see a lot of breweries get involved in. We're dreaming big in hopes that our footsteps can help lead the way for others to get more involved. There will be more on that soon. 

  But for now, we're getting involved in the immediate month before us. We are working together with the Acworth Police Department to collect non-perishable food and toiletries to help fill local food banks in the area. We're also now a drop site for Toys For Tots. Bring a new unwrapped toy to leave with us, we'll do the rest. We're looking forward to working with our favorite friends (you) in making the community a stronger, more resilient place for us to pick each other up when we fall and truly mean it when we say your friends are here.